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Whether they’re looking to trade in and upgrade to a newer model or taking a break from the lifestyle, most motorcyclists will inevitably find themselves with a bike that they no longer want. Luckily, no matter the reasoning, there are numerous ways to go about selling a bike once you’ve made that decision. One of the most reliable and easy ways to get a fair offer for a motorcycle is to trade them in at a dealer. And if you find yourself asking, Will Harley-Davidson buy back my motorcycle?, the answer is yes!

When it comes to selling a used motorcycle there are many options, including the Harley-Davidson dealership.

Where Is the Best Place to Sell My Motorcycle?

There is a wide variety of ways to sell a motorcycle. You can sell your motorcycle to a family member or personal friend or attempt to sell it through a personal ad or Craigslist. And if you have a family member or close friend who’s willing to take your bike off of your hands, more power to you! But trying to sell your motorcycle off to a stranger, on the other hand, can oftentimes be more trouble than it’s worth. For this reason, many opt to trade in their unwanted motorcycle at an established dealer that can handle the business side of the transaction for them.

What Is the Best Way to Sell a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle?

When trying to sell a motorcycle, whether it’s a Harley-Davidson or not, there are plenty of things that you’ll need to keep in mind. This fact is especially true when you’re attempting to sell your motorcycle to a stranger. The first thing you’ll have to deal with is fielding out who’s really interested in making a purchase and who’s just window shopping Facebook Marketplace. 

Selling On Your Own Can Be a Hassle

In addition to the hassle of finding a buyer, you’ll also have to personally ensure that your motorcycle is in the shape that you’re advertising it as. Without the help of a mechanic, this can be a little bit trickier than one might think. Many minor problems can alter the value of a motorcycle, and not disclosing these problems is sure to catch the ire of a potential customer. Your buyer is always going to want to take your bike out for a test drive, and they’ll likely be aware if you’re not on the up-and-up.

Knowing Your Motorcycle’s Worth is Crucial

Finally, there’s the matter of knowing what your motorcycle is worth. This can entail knowing what shape the engine is in, as well as the different valuations of various years and models from other manufacturers. If you don’t know what your bike is worth, then you run the risk of overcharging or getting ripped off. Selling your motorcycle to a reputable dealer negates these problems.

Many dealers, including Harley-Davidson Kingwood, will allow you to trade in your motorcycle for a fair price.

Will Harley Buy Back My Motorcycle?

Many dealers, including Harley-Davidson Kingwood, will allow you to trade in your motorcycle for a fair price. Not only will Harley dealerships take Harley-Davidsons, but they’ll also take other motorcycles, as well. Harley-Davidson dealerships offer free appraisals and even allow you to perform a trade-in evaluation online! The benefit of trading your motorcycle to a dealer is that they’ll make sure your bike is in perfect condition and gets sold to the right buyer for the right price.

How Much Will I Get For a Trade?

How much you’ll get when you trade your motorcycle to the dealer depends on a number of factors. Of course, the value of the specific year and model plays into the price, but other factors do, as well. These factors include mileage, the overall condition of the bike, any outstanding warranty or lien, and other such factors relating to its condition and lifespan. Those looking to get the most for their bike should be sure to perform general maintenance beforehand, including giving it a wash. Changing the bike’s brake pads, belts, chains, tires, and battery can also increase a bike’s trade-in value.

If you're looking to sell an unwanted motorcycle, contact your local Harley-Davidson dealership.

Does Harley-Davidson Buy Used Motorcycles? — Yes! 

If you’re looking to get an unwanted motorcycle off of your hands, stop by Harley-Davidson of Kingwood today! It’s fast, easy, and you can even estimate your trade-in value before you make your way to the dealership. We’ll pay a fair price for your trade-in, and our team of hog experts can help you find your next Harley-Davidson ride. Don’t sit around asking yourself, Will Harley-Davidson buy back my motorcycle? Take a ride to Harley-Davidson of Kingwood and start your trade-in today.

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