What Does Harley-Davidson CVO Stand For?

For most Harley-Davidson aficionados, the bikes on display in a dealership represent different aspects of motorcycle design. They all reflect the company’s commitment to excellence, style, and uniqueness, but if you want the ultimate ride, you need to check out the CVO line of limited-edition Harleys. Which automatically leads to the first question: what does […]

Harley Davidson of The Woodlands
| November 18, 2021

Can You Ride a Motorcycle in the Winter? What You Need to Know

The motorcycle is a versatile, cost-effective way to get from point A to point B. But what happens when it’s winter? Can you ride a motorcycle in the winter? The answer to that is both yes and no. Winter motorcycle riding can be difficult and dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. You need […]

Harley Davidson of Kingwood
| November 11, 2021

What are the Ultimate Harley-Davidson Bikes for Women?

Few things are changing faster than the old stereotypes associated with women and motorcycles. The old-school image of a so-called “motorcycle mama” may still exist, but that woman who wraps her arms around her man has been replaced by a new generation of strong, independent women who only want the answer to one crucial question: […]

Harley Davidson of The Woodlands
| October 20, 2021

Can You Ride a New Motorcycle Home After Buying It?

Few experiences are more exciting than buying a new motorcycle. When you make the purchase, you know you’re getting a great bike from an ideal source, so the main question that remains is how to bring a new motorcycle home. The temptation, of course, is to just hop on and ride, but there’s a big […]

Harley Davidson of Kingwood
| October 14, 2021

How to Buy a Used Motorcycle: A Beginner’s Guide

For some riders, buying a used Harley—or any other quality motorcycle, for that matter—is a great option. Sometimes the reasons are financial, and sometimes they’re personal. Other times you find a bargain that’s too good to pass up. Motivations aside, you need to know as much as you can about buying your first motorcycle so […]

Harley Davidson of The Woodlands
| September 16, 2021

The New 2021 Sportster S21: An Exciting Update

The Harley-Davidson 2021 Sportster S21 represents a serious update and a hot extension of Harley’s classic Sportster series. And its modern reflection of the brand’s history is easy—as in easy to love. And that’s the S21 in spades.  It’s got many features that hardcore Sportster fans can hang their hats on, as well as some […]

Harley Davidson of Kingwood
| September 10, 2021

Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories for Harley-Davidson Enthusiasts

Whether you’re a new rider who’s only used to driving a car or an experienced road warrior, the term “accessories” simply doesn’t do justice to all the additions with which you can augment your Harley-Davidson. The most impressive thing about these accessories is the range they offer. You can get add-ons to increase motorcycle safety, […]

Harley Davidson of Kingwood
| August 20, 2021

Different Types of Motorcycle Helmets – Harley-Davidson Recommendations & Tips

Looking to learn about the different types of motorcycle helmets? The most important piece of motorcycle gear you will ever own is your helmet. Read that sentence twice and let it sink in because it’s probably the most significant piece of information in this article. Once you’ve digested this fact thoroughly, the next step is […]

Harley Davidson of The Woodlands
| August 13, 2021

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Safety Features

Sadly, it doesn’t take much to understand how important safety features are in preventing motorcycle accidents on the open road. Motorcyclists are seriously over-represented in just about every statistic on serious vehicular accidents. The most unfortunate fact is that many of these motorcycle crashes are entirely preventable but only if you know about the motorcycle […]

Harley Davidson of Kingwood
| July 12, 2021

Things to Know Before Getting a Motorcycle – Buying Your First Harley-Davidson

Yup – there are things to know before getting a motorcycle. Few experiences are more exciting than buying your first bike, especially if the purchase is a Harley. The company’s reputation is both pristine and legendary, so it’s a good idea to begin your motorcycle journey with our team on your side. Still, it helps […]

Harley Davidson of The Woodlands
| July 8, 2021