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Whether you’re a new rider who’s only used to driving a car or an experienced road warrior, the term “accessories” simply doesn’t do justice to all the additions with which you can augment your Harley-Davidson. The most impressive thing about these accessories is the range they offer. You can get add-ons to increase motorcycle safety, add style and comfort, or address a variety of maintenance issues. And those are just a few of the options for Harley-Davidson riders’ must-have motorcycle accessories.

There are many must-have motorcycle accessories for any Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

What are Some Must-Have Motorcycle Accessories?

Let’s take a look at the essentials when it comes to must-have motorcycle accessories. It’s a tough concept to nail down because one person’s essentials can often be a first-time Harley owner‘s bells and whistles, but we’ll do our best to get you up to full Harley-Davidson speed.

What are the Most Stylish Motorcycle Accessories?

Let’s start with the look and feel of your ride. What do you want and need to make it more stylish? Are you into a classic badass Harley look, or are you after something different?

Trim Options

Start with the trim—every good Harley dealership will be happy to show you a variety of fender trim options, and there are plenty of aftermarket choices as well. You can complement your fender trim by adding similar touches to your instrument panel, and there are enough options to satisfy even the most hardcore motorcycle fashionista.


The exhaust system is another area where many Harley owners love to play around with design possibilities. Not that it’s necessary—nearly every Harley features a unique exhaust system design that’s geared for both curb and road appeal. In many cases, you won’t even need to look at all the aftermarket choices.


Now let’s talk about bags. Not exactly the sexiest subject, right? Wrong. The simple fact is that saddlebags and sissy bar bags can make a world of difference when it comes to the look you want, and the convenience of extra storage should never be discounted. The array of possibilities is dazzling. You can get all kinds of different shapes and sizes in these bags, and the materials range from timeless, high-quality leather to all kinds of wild colors and patterns.

How to Make a Motorcycle More Comfortable?

Those same possibilities can be applied to comfort, too. Think backrest pads, especially for touring. Plus, you can use the style you choose to spice up the classic Harley brand in whatever way you’d like. That’s true of seats and seat covers as well, not to mention covers for the motorcycle itself.

If you’re one of those people who gets overwhelmed by too many choices, one great way to stave off confusion is to buy a rider’s kit. Nearly every dealer offers them, and in many instances, you can customize them to meet your motorcycle-specific needs.

So what are the choices? Think different seat options, sissy bars, a storage cover, belt buckles, alternate windshield design, and so on. Some of this motorcycle swag will depend on the model, so be aware that there may be some possibilities and limitations that you haven’t even considered yet.

One must-have motorcycle accessory is a windshield that can protect a rider.

How Can I Make my Harley-Davidson Safer?

Crash bars, floorboards, and highway pegs can help with comfort and motorcycle safety, especially if you’re a long-distance motorcycle rider. They’re incredibly underrated when it comes to avoiding leg cramps and posture problems, and they can help mitigate the ongoing battles that plague every rider in windy conditions.

All-Weather Gear

They’re just as important when it rains, too. You can get detachable windshields, and this, in turn, can lessen the need for rain gear. The idea is to have choices on top of choices, and in rough weather, those choices become even more important.

Windshield Options

Speaking of windshield design, it’s another accessory that adds more than just a design flourish. You can get your windshield upgraded with polycarbonate materials and trim, and the scratch-resistant nature of these compounds makes their appeal timeless in a completely different way.

Emergency Supplies

Don’t forget about emergencies, either. You can get one-gallon gas cans that fit in saddlebags and tool kits with basic bits, wrenches, sockets, and duct tape that will help keep you on the road if disaster does strike. You’d also be wise to add a first-aid kit to the list!

Motorcycle gear is a must have motorcycle accessory

Motorcycle Gear and Apparel

Finally, make sure you get a good helmet, a solid pair of gloves, and a set of leather jackets or motorcycle jackets that can handle a variety of weather conditions. That way, you’ll match up well against the new style of your ride, and this kind of motorcycle gear will help keep you comfortable as well as safe.

On-the-Road Additions for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Once you’ve spiffed up your Harley, the accessory ride is hardly over. There are lots of other things you can do, so let’s start with communication.


It’s definitely important, and that’s where radio accessories come into play. They ensure good communication between fellow riders, and they also offer the appeal of a great listening experience, regardless of your sound preferences.

The simple fact is that every serious motorcycle rider should at least consider some kind of Bluetooth capability, as this technology has become nearly indispensable when it comes to a safe, comfortable riding experience.


Visibility is just as important, so you should also consider accessorizing by adding augmented driving lights. These kinds of lights are brighter, and they extend the visibility range, not to mention that there are plenty of cool-looking choices available. They can help protect you if your safety is compromised while you’re adding to the look of your bike. It’s basically the best of both worlds.


There are plenty of great accessories available when it comes to maintenance, too. Temperature issues affect every Harley and every rider, especially if heat is involved. It’s worth the extra investment to get a fan-assisted oil cooler; the device will pay for itself by helping to keep you out of the shop and on the road. Once again, it’s a total win-win.

Tech Gadgets for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Everybody loves gadgets, right? Well, maybe not everybody—old-school Harley riders might argue about this, but even most of those folks would have to admit that there’s a lot of cool stuff out there when it comes to gadgets you can use when riding a motorcycle.


To cover them all would take a separate article, so we’ll just mention a few. Some are about power—USB-based battery chargers, for instance, along with wireless chargers that use GPS and small-scale power supplies that use lithium-ion batteries to give you charging capability.


Others are about safety and security. You can get intelligent electronic locks for your Harley-Davidson and wireless airbag vests that can save your life in an accident.

Crash Detection

Similarly, face shields are now available with electronic LCD lenses that magically change tint and visibility, and you can get phone-based services that can automatically detect motorcycle crashes.


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