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Sadly, it doesn’t take much to understand how important safety features are in preventing motorcycle accidents on the open road. Motorcyclists are seriously over-represented in just about every statistic on serious vehicular accidents. The most unfortunate fact is that many of these motorcycle crashes are entirely preventable but only if you know about the motorcycle safety features on your bike and how to use them safely and effectively. While many people associate Harley-Davidsons with edgy and aggressive riding, the fact is that Harleys have some of the best rider safety features around.

So let’s review: We’ll start with a quick overview of general motorcycle safety features, and then we’ll discuss specific safety features of Harleys. Harley-Davidson features represent the gold standard in motorcycle safety, especially when you take a close look at the company’s Reflex Defensive Driver Systems (RSDS).


Motorcycle safety features have been improving for years.

What Safety Features Do Motorcycles Have?

The good news about motorcycle safety features is that they’ve been coming fast and furious in recent years, and innovation remains ongoing. We can’t cover all of them here, but we will go over some of the most important features:

LED Lighting

This kind of lighting is often touted as an appearance enhancer, but the fact is it does far more. LED lighting increases road visibility, especially in nasty riding conditions. This extra level of safety can often also make motorcycle riders that much more visible, reducing the number of crashes caused by cyclists not being visible when they’re in other drivers’ blind spots.

Diagnostic Tools

Another important innovation, these additions enable riders to test and verify the condition and responsiveness of the suspension system, cruise control, tire pressure, etc. Having pre-installed diagnostic tools, such as tire pressure monitors, makes it much easier to operate a safe ride while staying up-to-date on maintenance requirements as well.

Anti-Lock Brakes 

Anti-lock brake systems play a huge role in staying safe, too. These systems work by pumping the brakes automatically during a sudden stop, which can provide more control over steering functions if things do turn dangerous.

Stability Systems 

These systems help balance the safety equation, both literally and figuratively. They automatically calibrate and analyze the lean angle and the level of traction control, which gives motorcycle riders the right amount of power and braking pressure so they can make better decisions in a dangerous situation.

The safest Harley-Davidson have the RSDS system.

What is the Safest Motorcycle?

Now that you know about some of the most important motorcycle safety features, let’s take a closer look at Harley’s RSDS and how it works to increase rider safety. A majority of the following rider safety features are standard in most models, but some of the more advanced and specialized ones can only be found in certain Harley-Davidson models.

We’ll start with braking and cornering. The anti-lock brake systems on Harley-Davidson motorcycles are among the most precise in the industry, and the advantage they offer also extends to enhanced cornering (C-ABS) for models that offer that particular feature.

Another braking advancement is Electronic Linked Braking, which applies pressure with the use of a hand lever or foot pedal. Responsiveness of linked brakes helps ensure better balance, which is as essential as wearing a motorcycle helmet when you find yourself in a dangerous situation.

To keep the rear wheel from spinning out while cornering, Harley has added Cornering Enhanced Traction Control System (C-TCS) to ensure a safe transfer of power during braking. This is especially helpful in wet conditions and when you’re riding a motorcycle on treacherous surfaces, like uneven or unpaved roadways.

To prevent slippage during deceleration, Harley offers the Drag-Torque Slips Control System (DSCS) and Cornering DSCS. This system helps downshift gears in uneven conditions, among other things, so it’s an essential part of the Harley safety package.

If you’re riding on a slope, the HD Vehicle Hold Control will help keep you stable. It maintains rear brake pressure after the brakes have been released, which prevents the motorcycle from inadvertently rolling.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are designed with rider safety in mind.

The Harley Edge

The best part of all this is that what we’ve outlined here is just the tip of the iceberg regarding Harley-Davidson motorcycle safety features. Everything about your next Harley-Davidson is designed with rider safety in mind, and the RSDS package represents the icing on the cake for those riders who have special concerns or issues. Not only that, but all of the features in the RSDS package have been designed to anticipate every possible situation in which your safety could be compromised.

This is the benefit of buying from a company like Harley-Davidson of Kingwood—you’re not just buying a ride. You’re getting the experience of working with a legendary company that knows the issues pertaining to safety inside out, and Harley-Davidson of Kingwood knows more than any other company out there about keeping motorcycle riders as safe as possible. So stop by Harley-Davidson of Kingwood today to check out our huge selection of new and pre-owned bikes with the latest and most innovative motorcycle safety features on the market.

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