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The open road calls to anyone who’s succumbed to the unique feeling of driving a motorcycle. And among motorcycles, there’s a particular feeling that’s nearly impossible to describe, one every Harley enthusiast knows in their bones. Once felt, other motorcycles just don’t cut the mustard.

Chasing that particular feeling is one thing. Enjoying it for as long as possible is another. Once found, the last thing you want to worry about is running out of gas, right?

If you’re considering a new Harley, or are ready to start a love affair that’ll last a lifetime, motorcycle gas mileage is something to consider. Read on to find out more!

Motorcycle Gas Mileage

The distance your new motorcycle can travel varies widely depending on a multitude of factors. How much gas it can hold, how heavy the motorbike is, the displacement of the engine, and even its aerodynamics. How you drive also greatly affects how long you can stay on the road without needing to top off the tank.

Twisting the throttle open at every opportunity to feel the torque of your beloved steed, while unarguably fun, is thirsty work for your bike. Taking it off road through treacherous terrain will also have it taking larger sips. Stopping and starting, changing gears, and anything other than cruising along in a straight line increases fuel consumption.

Fortunately, Harley Davidson knows all of this. They know you want to experience the ride, not spend your time mired in fuel anxiety, wondering where the next gas station is going to be. To this end, they’ve clearly outlined the fuel range of each of their machines and categorized them accordingly to eliminate any guesswork.

Sport Models

Harley Davidson is a legend when it comes to crafting an iconic image. They’ve done their job so well that most people see a Harley in their mind’s eye upon even hearing the word “motorcycle.” There’s something about the shape and design of Harley machines that has embedded itself in the spirit of motorcyclists everywhere.

Their new models capture this sense and flaunt it unapologetically. The 2023 Sport lineup consists of the Nightster, the Nightster Special, and the Sportster S. These models run well within the expected average of 40 – 50 miles per gallon for Harley Motorcycles in general.

At 52.4, 52, and 49 mpg respectively, these middle-of-the-road consumers can be bought with the peace of mind that they won’t drink you out of your house and home. While some Harleys require significantly larger tanks, the Sport models come with a moderately sized 3.1-gallon tank. For these models, this is more than sufficient to get you around 155 miles in the direction you’re headed.

Harley Davidson Cruiser


The bikes in the cruiser category are built less for miles-per-gallon efficiency and more for effortless cruising. What’s lost in effective miles per gallon, the Cruiser lineup makes up for in power.

At an average of 47 mpg, these bikes sip a little more eagerly than their lighter counterparts. In exchange, you get to enjoy the confidence that comes with raw torque and superb overtaking ability. This comes at the cost of a few fewer miles per gallon, but those who ride a Cruiser know exactly where they went.

Their fuel tanks are sized to match, ensuring the slightly thirstier engine still gets you where you’re looking to go. Softail Standard models happily manage around 164 miles per gallon. The Heritage Classic and Low Rider S models boast 5-gallon tanks for those of you with the horizon in your sights, increasing this range to around 237 miles per tank.

Adventure Touring

Adventure touring bikes won’t leave you stranded, either! Designed with the long-haul adventurer in mind, they come with a far-reaching range that leaves nothing to be desired. Their 5.6-gallon tanks allow you to fill them to the neck and focus on the road while you cruise worry-free to your destination.

Despite having slightly worse fuel economy than the Sportster models at 46 mpg, their substantial fuel tanks more than make up for it. A little napkin math suggests a full Adventure touring tank will take you up to 257 miles. This will vary, but as a ballpark figure, it’s nothing to sniff at!

Grand American Touring

The Grand American Touring category is full of bikes hailed as favorites and instant classics. These bikes ooze the timeless aesthetic philosophy of Harley Davidson to such an extreme that you’d probably be able to tell it was a Harley in the dead of night with your eyes closed. Even with the engine turned off, these bikes seem to move on the spot, such is their longing for the open road.

The sheer size and weight of these bikes necessitate a tank capable of holding some serious volume. Most models in this category boast a six-gallon capacity, following Harley Davidson’s philosophy of “If it gets fewer miles to the gallon… give it more gallons!”

Coupled with an average gas mileage of 43 miles per gallon, the bikes in this category live up to the name!


If three wheels are your thing, look no further. Clocking in at around 42 to 43 miles per gallon, Harley Davidson has given us an extra wheel for practically no cost.

These trikes offer unmatched stability with tanks to match. With 6 gallons apiece to play with, you’ll wonder why three wheels don’t come as standard. Kickstands? Never heard of them.

And nothing turns heads like a Harley Davidson trike, so you can kick back while you enjoy somewhere in the range of 252 miles!

Harley Davidson on the road

Going the Distance in Houston and Kingwood

Motorcycle gas mileage isn’t an issue with modern engines, especially from highly reputable manufacturers like Harley Davidson. Keeping on top of motorcycle maintenance and knowing not to ask anything too far from the bounds of reason from your bike, no matter the category it hails from, will stand you in good stead.

At the very least, it’ll stop you from walking miles with a gas can in hand.

If this article has helped to answer your questions about Harley Davidson gas mileage but you’re still eager to learn more, you can contact us here! We’d love to hear from you.

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