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Many people want to own a Harley but assume they can’t afford it. However, it’s actually fairly easy to purchase a Harley-Davidson without breaking the bank. While the newest Harley models may cost a pretty penny, a used model can serve a rider just as well and will cost a great deal less. If you’re looking for a Harley-Davidson under 10kHarley-Davidson of The Woodlands has an entire section dedicated to pre-owned bikes in that price range, known as the “Under 10 Hog Pen“.

Buying a Harley-Davidson doesn't have to break the bank. Many preowned Harleys are available under 10k.

Why You Should Go with a Used Harley

There are many reasons that riders old and new may wish to go with a used Harley over a new one. These reasons may be economical, or they may depend on the type of bike that the rider wishes to own.

Less Expensive

In general, a used bike is going to be much more affordable than its newer counterparts. Except in rare cases, used bikes are going to offer a great deal to riders who are looking to get more for their money.

They Retain Their Value

Not only are pre-owned Harley-Davidson bikes generally going to be less expensive, but pre-owned bikes hold their value better than brand-new models. This value retention happens for the same reason that any other piece of property holds its value better when you buy it without the new price tag—you’re paying for the product itself, not its novelty.

What is the Cheapest Harley?

While it can be true that you get your money’s worth when it comes to pre-owned vehicles that are likely on their last legs, it’s also possible to get a quality bike that has lots of miles left without breaking the bank. The more mileage an engine has, the cheaper the bike will be. Another rule of thumb to follow is: the smaller the bike, the cheaper it generally is. Smaller bikes, such as the Street 500 and 750, are going to be much more inexpensive, whether new or used. 

The Higher the Mileage, The Cheaper the Bike

One of the biggest determining factors of a pre-owned bike’s value is the mileage. If a bike is on its last leg, it’s not going to be worth very much. When shopping for used Harleys, you’ll have to determine how much you’re willing to spend versus how much mileage you’re willing to start out with. If you’re a beginner who’s looking for a bargain, a bike with high mileage may be the way to go. But if you’ve got the money and you want a bike that will last you for a while longer, finding a newer option with lower mileage will increase the lasting value of your purchase.

What’s Considered High Mileage for a Harley?

Harleys are a little bit different than cars in terms of what’s considered high mileage. With Harleys, the high-mileage point comes a little bit lower. Around 40,000 miles is considered generally high mileage for a previously owned Harley, with many engines beginning to need an overhaul before they hit 100,000. Thankfully, routine 10,000-mile services will help ensure that even a high-mileage Harley lasts as long as it can for the owner.

When buying a used Harley Davidson or any other motorcycle, there are many factors to consider including mileage and engine health.

What Else Should I Consider When Buying a Used Bike?

On top of the engine’s mileage, there are a few other things that riders may want to keep an eye out for when choosing the previously owned bike for them. For one thing, you’ll want to know about the bike’s history, such as if it’s ever been involved in an accident. As well, you’ll want to ensure that it’s in working order. There are issues that can arise on a bike even when the mileage isn’t too high, especially if the bike hasn’t been properly taken care of. Always be sure to give your potential ride a few test drives to ensure that it’s a good deal and a good fit. 

How Much is Harley 10k Service?

If you’re purchasing a previously owned Harley, it’s important to bring it in for 10k services no matter how low the mileage is. Our 10k service interval outlines the important parts and systems to maintain every 10,000 miles. These services can vary depending on what needs to be done, but they generally only cost a few hundred dollars. Regular checkups ensure that there are no problem areas that could decrease the lifespan of your new or pre-owned Harley-Davidson. Service recommendations at 10k miles include most points on the 1,000-mile service checklist, plus: 

  • Checking the 
    • Front brake lever pin
    • Brake caliper pins
    • Brake caliper boots and bushings
    • Rear master cylinder outer boot
    • Engine mounts and stabilizer links
  • Replacing the spark plugs
  • Adjusting and lubricating the steering head bearings

Each Harley-Davidson service will also include the replacement of the engine oil and filter.

What Is the Best Harley for a Beginner?

The previously mentioned Street 500 and 750 models are generally considered excellent beginner Harleys due to their manageable size and relative affordability. They can be purchased for less, and they’re also easier to get used to for beginning riders. Other affordable models for beginners are the Iron 883 and the Roadster.

The Under 10 Hog Pen features a rotating stock of affordable Harley Davidson motorcycles under 10k.

Find a Harley-Davidson Under 10k at Harley-Davidson of The Woodlands Today!

At Harley-Davidson of The Woodlands, our Under 10 Hog Pen features a collection of, steadily rotating stock of affordable motorcycles priced at $10,000 or less. Not only does our Under 10 Hog Pen feature affordable Harley-Davidson models, but we also take in other street bikes and scooters that may be just what you’re looking for. If you’re looking to get your hands on a Harley-Davidson under 10k, stop by Harley-Davidson of The Woodlands to find the perfect pre-owned ride for you!

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