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Plenty of great companies have anniversaries, and nearly all of them have some level of meaning. The best celebrate the original release date of iconic brands and products, and those products are certainly worthy of celebration.

But none are as iconic and historic as the Harley-Davidson anniversary 2023. The legendary motorcycle company is about to celebrate its 120th anniversary, and as you might expect, the upcoming lineup of new motorcycles for 2023 is sure to be as memorable as the original models.

Whether you’re a new or novice rider or a longstanding Harley fan, there’s little doubt that these are outstanding motorcycles that represent Harley-Davidson’s unique combination of a fabulous ride and a superb investment.

So let’s look at the lineup. It’s full of highlights—indeed, you could make the argument that the entire lineup itself is a highlight. It’s a lot to cover, but the biggest takeaway is that there’s definitely something for everyone.


A Unique Commemorative Design

The highlight of the anniversary is a limited edition of the CVO Road Glide, which will feature one of the most illustrious and intricate paint schemes ever designed by Harley-Davidson.

The color scheme consists of HD’s Heirloom Red applied over a base coat of what Harley is calling Anniversary Black. It features a bright red pinstripe along with a gold scallop pattern, and the details appropriately include a soaring eagle.

The tank medallion includes an Art Deco version of that same eagle, which has been employed in HD designs for decades. The seat surfaces include red and gold stitching accents, gold powertrain inserts, and bright red rocker boxes.

Only 1500 versions of this commemorative motorcycle will be available internationally, so each owner will be purchasing a truly unique treasure.

A different version of that same paint scheme will be offered on a half-dozen HD models that will also have limited availability. These designs will commemorate earlier HD models, complete with the Heirloom Red base color and complemented by a darker Midnight Crimson.

Which Models Will Be Available with This Design?

The demand for these bikes will be high, so the next question is which models will have them and how many will be made.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect:







Between 1100 and 3000 motorcycles will be offered for each model, with only 1100 Tri Glide Ultra Anniversary bikes available. At the top end, there will be 3000 Fat Boy models, so this gives you a sense of the level of exclusivity that’s involved.

Breaking Out the Breakout

Harley Davidson 2023 Breakout

The Breakout HD has long been known for its combination of muscular design, lean and long chopper profile, and flashy styling.

It’s now back with a Milwaukee-Eight 117 V-Twin engine, and those who buy it will be able to enjoy the bragging rights that this legendary bike has been able to provide on the street.

The new Breakout includes some updated features, too. A five-gallon fuel tank extends the Breakout’s riding range, and it lengthens the bike’s profile as well.

The handlebar and handlebar riser is longer than those of the previous models, which means riders will be able to reach the controls more easily.

Finally, a new chrome finish will be applied to the rear fender supports, turn signals, mirrors, and side covers, as well as the intake and rear fender supports. The aluminum wheels will consist of 26 spokes that will be finished with machine details in a stunning glossy black color.

Harley Davidson 2023 Roadglide 3

About the Ride

But what about the ride? That’s always a pivotal question for Harley aficionados, and the good news is that electronic cruise control will be a standard feature for many of these models.

Traction control will also be available for some of these bikes, and it can also be deactivated with a single switch for those who prefer to do without.

Now let’s talk about the Road Glide 3. Those three wheels give it a unique combination of hot rod attitude, comfort, and style, and in addition to extra wind protection, there’s also a state-of-the-art infotainment package that will keep you entertained as you’re flying along on the open road.

There’s also a middleweight ride called the Nightster. This is no middle-of-the-road bike, though—it, too, offers a combination of style and technology.

There’s the Revolution Max 975T V-Twin engine, which is designed to give you a huge amount of torque at low RMPs. Not only that but the engine is integrated into the chassis to minimize weight and keep your ride humming.

Finally, let’s talk about the Freewheeler. This three-wheeled cruiser is full of attitude and ready for the road, and it’s been given a blacked-out design rework for 2023.

The black finish makes this bike a true hot rod badass, and the slightly taller 18-inch rear wheels add a new posture and stance as well. It’s a lot to take in, but the bottom line is that these 2023 motorcycles represent an update and a continuation of the true Harley Davidson spirit, all while paying tribute to the company’s illustrious past.

The bottom line is that if you can’t get excited about these 2023 Harley additions, you may not be suited for freedom on the open road. They represent a genuine piece of history, but no piece of history will fly the way these motorcycles can.

See Them for Real

The only way to get a real feel for these bikes is to see them, touch them, and get a sense of what they’ll be like when you purchase them.

To do that, visit us at the Kingwood Harley dealership, where we’ll be happy to show them off, talk more about features and pricing, and maybe even set up a test ride if you’re ready to buy one of these great rides.

Visit your local Harley-Davidson site for a preliminary look, then pay a visit to talk to our salespeople and techs and get any questions answered.

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