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Selling a motorcycle can be a major challenge, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process. From lowball offers to persistent hagglers, getting a good deal for your bike can seem impossible.

Did you know that the time of year has a significant impact on motorcycle sales? To get the most for your bike, it’s crucial to sell it within the right time frame. Failing to do so could lead to you accepting less than you deserve.

So, when is the best time to sell a motorcycle? The short answer is during the spring.

Read on to learn more about why spring is the best time for motorcycle sales, and to find out how you can get a fair price for your bike any time of year.

Spring: Why It’s the Best Time to Sell

From March until May is the best time of year to sell your motorcycle. Summer is the second best time of year to sell, while the fall and winter months should be avoided if possible. There are several reasons for this springtime sales surge.

Spring marks a period of renewal, with most of the country happily emerging out of the cold winter months. After being cooped up, many motorcycle enthusiasts are eager to get back on the road. Cold weather is one of the biggest barriers to motorcycle riding and, as the country warms up, more people decide to finally act on their decision to buy a new bike simply to take advantage of the ideal conditions. For these reasons, motorcycle sales tend to surge in March, April, and May.

What’s more, springtime is well past the holiday season. This leaves shoppers enough time to recover from end-of-year expenses, meaning they are more willing to splurge on expensive purchases, such as a brand new bike.

These factors result in a higher demand for motorcycles during the spring months, meaning you’re more likely to receive a fair, timely offer for your bike.

motorcycle sales go down during winter months

Why It’s Important to Avoid Colder Months

Aside from the factors that make spring an ideal time to sell, there are several reasons why it’s unwise to sell your motorcycle during the colder months. If you aren’t looking to sell your bike urgently, here’s why it’s best to wait until March.

You’ll Need to Invest More Time

Because the demand for motorcycles decreases dramatically once summer ends, it will likely take much longer to sell your bike during the colder months. In peak selling season, it could take as little as a few days to sell your bike, while it could take months to find the right buyer during colder months. Waiting this long, you may be tempted to accept any offer you get—no matter how low—leaving you with less money than your bike was worth.

Fair Trade-Ins Are Rare in Winter

Both dealerships and independent buyers know that the demand for motorcycles drops dramatically during the colder months; for this reason, a fair trade-in price is rare in the winter.

Many unsavory dealerships exclusively pay less for motorcycles during the off-season. However, a reputable dealership will give you a fair price year-round to uphold the integrity of the sale.

You’ll Likely Deal With Hagglers

No matter what time of year you sell, there’s a chance you’ll have to deal with aggressive hagglers. However, they can be particularly persistent during the winter months. Many cold-weather buyers assume sellers are desperate and will attempt to haggle the price of your bike down to a shockingly low number. This can be exhausting and disheartening, so if you don’t need to sell your bike urgently, it’s a better idea to wait until spring.

Exceptions to the Seasonal Rule

While spring is generally the best time to sell a motorcycle, there are a few exceptions to this rule.

If you live in an area that enjoys warm weather all year round, the cold weather likely won’t inhibit your ability to get a good price for your bike. In fact, states like California and Texas have some of the highest numbers on record when it comes to motorcycle sales. With consistently warm weather, the spring surge in sales that other states see is often lessened, meaning you can find a fair trade-in price even during fall or winter.

Another exception has to do with the type of bike you’re trying to sell. If you have an extremely rare motorcycle, there’s almost certainly a collector who would love to take it off your hands at any cost, meaning you can sell it whenever you feel like it.

Additionally, if there is a dealership near you that can offer a fair trade-in no matter the season, you can sell your motorcycle without having to wait for the new year.

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