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Few events in the motorcycle world are bigger than Harley-Davidson’s annual new release announcements, and this year is no exception for the new 2022 Harley-Davidson colors. The new models are definitely exciting, but one of the more underrated aspects of this annual event is the shift in colors and the look and feel from year to year. 

What Month Do the 2022 Harleys Come Out?

Harley-Davidson released its 2022 models at the world premiere “Further. Faster” event on January 26, 2022. These announcements always lead to a fascinating tug of war between Harley followers, both old and new, as different color schemes, features, and presentations attempt to reconcile the need for change with the ongoing effort to preserve key elements of the brand that have been favorites for years. 

So let’s break it down. What follows is a rundown on some of what Harley has done with its 2022 models. We’ll focus on the look and feel—specifically the colors—along with a breakdown of how some features have changed to modernize the traditional Harley-Davidson look.

What Are the Colors for 2022 Harley-Davidsons?

New Harley fans are often the most interested in new color updates, and they’ve got some fascinating changes to consider this year. 

2022 Harley in mineral green denim color


Sportster S

Start with the Harley-Davidson Sportster S, which has been a stable Vivid Black, but now that timeless look gets a makeover with the availability of Mineral Green Metallic and White Sand Pearl.

There’s also a new two-tone color option, Fastback Blue/White Sand, that will undoubtedly elicit oohs and ahhs from all manner of Harley lovers. 

Performance-wise, there’s also a hill start assist for these bikes that’s active for a longer period—three to five minutes instead of the prior ten-second interval. The TFT display is also now more readable than ever before.

Heritage Classic 114

The Heritage Classic 114 also gets some sprucing up in this model year, mostly with new style elements. These include a wrinkle black color in several components, specifically the housing, camshaft, transmission covers, and the primary power train cover. 

The lower rocker arm gets a glossy black makeover to add contrast, and that same version of black also shows up in the taillight and headlight bars, the windshield brackets, and the indicator spacers. 

Reef blue is one of the new 2022 Harley-Davidson colors

Street Bob 114, Fat Boy 114, & Fat Bob

In the cruiser category, some of the color shifts are more subtle. Specifically, they’re all about the wheels, shifting from wire-spoke to a silver finish that’s on display in the cast aluminum annihilator wheels. 

The Street Bob 114 is also a beneficiary of this change, but the wheels will come with a glossy black finish for this bike. 

The Fat Boy 114 gets in the act with new, redesigned cast rims, while Lakester wheels now have an open center with eleven turbine-style spokes. 

There’s also new modified tank lettering on these models, and the Fat Bob gets an oval tank graphic as part of its 2022 overall, with the Harley-Davidson logo displayed on the lower edge. 

Grand American Touring Models

There are also new color options in the Grand American Touring models, which is definitely a showcase line in 2022. 

The list of models showing off new colors, including the Road King and Road King Special, the Ultra Limited, the Street Glide Special, and the Road Glide Limited, will give Harley fans plenty to choose from when the full release announcements are finished. 


Trikes aren’t a model line that’s typically thought of as racy when it comes to the color scheme, but with the introduction of the new 2022 Harley-Davidson colors, that’s definitely changing. 

The 2022 models now feature a tank medallion that shows off chrome and glossy black, with a nod to the past in the classic V shape. The fenders also get in on the makeover act with an optional two-tone paint scheme that offers a combination of traditional Vivid Black and Midnight Crimson. 

The Tri Glide Ultra gets perhaps the biggest color shift of all. It now shows off an intricate cloisonne tank medallion in a chrome finish, with a glass insert that features a black and red color palette. 

There’s also another optional two-tone paint finish with the aforementioned Vivid Black and Midnight Crimson combo, or a variation that consists of Gauntlet Gray Metallic paired with Vivid Black. A double lining for each finishes off this particular package, so there are plenty of possibilities throughout the different color schemes. 

2022 Harley in yellow color

What Colors Do Harleys Come In?

Above, we’ve provided a detailed outline of all the major color changes appearing in the new 2022 Harley-Davidson motorcycles, but if you want to see a simple list of new color options, don’t worry—we’ve got that too! 

We’ve split them up by single color, two-tone, and pinstriping options and highlighted all-new 2022 additions in bold.

New 2022 Harley-Davidson Color Options
Single Color SchemesTwo-Tone Color SchemesPinstriping Options
  • Gunship Gray (F52)
  • Redline Red (F53)
    • Reef Blue (F54)
    • Fastback Blue (F56)
  • Mineral Green Denim (F61)
  • Vivid Black (010)
  • Black Denim (016)
  • Gauntlet Gray Metallic (F16)
  • Midnight Crimson (F20)
  • White Sand Pearl (F57)
  • Redline Red/Vivid Black (F64)
  • Midnight Crimson/Vivid Black (F65)
  • Reef Blue/Vivid Black (F66)
  • Fastback Blue/White Sand (F67)
  • Gauntlet Gray Metallic/ Vivid Black (F28)




  • Black
  • Burgundy
  • Dark Blue
  • Olive Tan
  • Blue
  • Charcoal Metallic
  • Gray
  • Pale Gold



Shop the New 2022 Harley-Davidson Colors at Harley-Davidson of Kingwood

So will these options be enough to satisfy serious Harley aficionados when it comes to the preferred look for their favorite model? 

The answer is a qualified “probably”—there’s no doubt that these color schemes are serious eye-catchers, but there will also likely be plenty of debate between the “new look” fans and their more-traditional counterparts. But this is part of the fun when it comes to shopping for a new Harley, so you should definitely head over to the Harley-Davidson of Kingwood showroom to see what’s available. 

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