Why Your Motorcycle Won’t Start After Winter

It’s your prized possession, your baby, your mode of transportation. When your motorcycle won’t start after winter, you’ll probably experience more than just the feeling of disappointment. You’ve done all the right motorcycle maintenance, dealt with all your motorcycle problems, and ensured that it stays in good condition. So when your motorcycle won’t start, you […]

Harley Davidson of The Woodlands
| February 20, 2023

Harley-Davidson Anniversary 2023

Plenty of great companies have anniversaries, and nearly all of them have some level of meaning. The best celebrate the original release date of iconic brands and products, and those products are certainly worthy of celebration. But none are as iconic and historic as the Harley-Davidson anniversary 2023. The legendary motorcycle company is about to […]

Harley Davidson of Kingwood
| February 19, 2023

How to Winterize a Motorcycle

Did you know that, out of over 126 million households in the US, over 10 million of them own motorcycles? If you belong to this bike-owning population, then you’re probably wondering how to winterize your motorcycle. So, how do you store a motorcycle in the cold winter months? You need to take extra precautions when […]

Harley Davidson of The Woodlands
| January 16, 2023

How to Get the Best Winter Motorcycle Tires for Your Harley

For some motorcycle riders, the idea of winter riding is a bit much. The cold can be a formidable deterrent, not to mention the issues of riding in conditions where snow, ice, and rain turn traction into a potentially dangerous variable. But Harley-Davidson riders are a different breed, as we all know, and many of […]

Harley Davidson of Kingwood
| January 13, 2023

Everything to Know About Harley Dyno Tuning

When you think of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you probably imagine something with a lot of power and great performance. The last thing you want is for your bike to start having problems while you’re on the road. When it comes to motorcycles, all it takes is one accident to ruin someone’s life.  Harley dyno tuning […]

Harley Davidson of The Woodlands
| December 19, 2022

How Many Spark Plugs Does a Harley Have?

When most Harley riders go to look at power specs, it’s safe to say that spark plugs aren’t at the top of their list. They’re almost never mentioned in engine-related material, and it may even be said that spark plugs are basically taken for granted. Until they fail or start to work improperly, that is. […]

Harley Davidson of Kingwood
| December 15, 2022

Texas Motorcycle Helmet Law

What do you think happens to a rider when a motorcycle gets into an accident? There are no seatbelts to hold you safe, and a bike can easily flip and turn without any control.  Buying a new motorcycle can be one of the most exciting days in your life, but you need to make sure […]

Harley Davidson of The Woodlands
| November 18, 2022

How to Get a Motorcycle License in Texas

For most riders, getting a motorcycle license is a life-changing event. It opens up a variety of new worlds and opportunities, but for some people, the process of getting a license comes with some minor challenges when it comes to the requirements. With that in mind, let’s review. What follows is a rundown of how […]

Harley Davidson of Kingwood
| November 14, 2022

How Do I Find the Value of My Motorcycle?

Are you thinking of selling your motorcycle? If you are, you’ll likely want to know, “how do I find the value of my motorcycle?” The answer is not always easy to find. In some cases, you can take the bike to a dealer or an appraiser and get an estimate based on its condition, mileage, […]

Harley Davidson of The Woodlands
| October 27, 2022

How Much Does a Harley Battery Cost?

What’s the first thing you think of when you jump on your Harley-Davidson to go for a ride?  Your destination, most likely, and you probably think about what you’ll be doing when you get there. You probably also think about the roar of the engine, the precision handling, and the attention you’ll attract, but it’s […]

Harley Davidson of Kingwood
| October 24, 2022